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Get ready to be amazed as we unveil the remarkable speakers who will grace the stage at TEDxEndicottCollege. Below, you'll find their bios and information, showcasing their inspiring perspectives and profound insights, ensuring an unforgettable event.

Anna Linnehan.png

Anna M. Linnehan is the Director of Academic Operations for the Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis and a professor at Endicott College. Dr. Linnehan earned her masters and doctoral degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis from Endicott College, Beverly, MA. She began her career as a professional chemist and has a passion for improving the lives of others through science. Her research utilizes the Goldiamond-Layng Theory, a behavioral contingency analytic account of emotions, paired with instructional design to teach emotional concepts to develop programs to help individuals identify and problem solve their own emotions and emotional behavior. Additionally, she is passionate in the dissemination of nonlinear contingency analysis and programming based on Israel Goldiamond’s constructional approach. Dr. Linnehan is also interested in the application of signal detection theory to analyze decisions and decision-making behavior. She recently co-authored a book, Decisions and Judgments in Ambiguous Situations: A Conceptual Introduction to Signal Detection Theory, with Dr. T. V. Joe Layng. She has also served as a member of review boards for a variety of behavioral journals and serves as an Advisor of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.

Anna Linnehan

George Blount.png

Dr. George M. Blount is a financial therapist, the Founder of nBalance Financial, and a researcher of finance's emotional, psychological, behavioral, and relational elements. He is also an accomplished educator, serving as an Adjunct Professor and Lecturer in Personal Finance, Finance, Managerial Accounting, and Behavioral Finance at several universities. George holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and an MBA from Walden University, as well as a Bachelor of Science (BS) and an Associate of Science (AS) from Johnson and Wales University. Dr. George Blount has spent over 20 years in the financial services industry, obtaining a wealth of knowledge in retirement planning, business development, and strategy. He served on the MA Financial Literacy Task Force in 2015 and was named one of the top 100 people of Finance 2020, an award by Top 100 magazine.

George Blount

Tim Collins.png

Tim is the founder of EBSCO Publishing and CEO of EBSCO Information Services. With strong organic growth and 60+ strategic acquisitions, Tim has led EBSCO to become the world’s leading online research service for educational institutions, growing to $2B+ in annual sales and 3,000+ employees. His generous philanthropy has led him to support numerous environmental initiatives and he is also a collector of artifacts related to American history. Tim is a Founder and past Board Member of the Museum of the American Revolution. He was awarded an honorary Doctorate in Business degree from UNH and is a member of the Board of Trustees of Endicott College. Tim lives on Boston’s North Shore with his wife Emily. Together, they have two children.

Tim Collins

Mary Ventura.png

Mary Ventura is an Interior Architecture major pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Endicott College. She graduated with her Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from Cape Cod Community College before obtaining her Residential Interior Design Qualification Certification through the Designer Society of America. As a member of the Endicott College Architecture and Design Club, she represented ECAD in their 2022 fashion show. Beyond her academic achievements, Mary is an advocate for personal reinvention and building connections through the human experience. She aims to bring awareness and resources to those experiencing mental obstacles, including nervous system sensitization. As an enthusiast of self-development, she believes the most important role of leadership one can obtain is that of one’s self.

Mary Ventura

Marci Darling Johnson.png

Marci is an educator, writer, and public speaker with five bestselling books. She has also had several articles published in the NYTimes, Boston Globe, and Oprah Magazine. Marci is currently serving as Adjunct Faculty at Endicott College. Her passion for integrating art into teaching strategies has led her to instruct and inspire educators on innovative approaches to education. Marci’s unique career path includes performing alongside renowned artists like Paul McCartney, the Go-Go’s, the B -52’s, and Placido Domingo, as well as acting and filmmaking. She recently finished directing a documentary in New Orleans on 1920’s dancers and outsider artists Nita & Zita. This project holds a special place in her heart as a tribute to her soul mate and dance partner, Kim, who passed away in 2018. After experiencing loss, Marci’s artistic endeavors are centered around grief, and specifically how creativity can ignite the kind of light that blasts through darkness. When she's not immersed in creating, Marci enjoys the serene life in her cottage by the sea, where she resides with her two children, two dogs, one cat, and a feline friend who may just be an Ewok in disguise.

Marci Darling Johnson

Luke Reynolds.png

Luke Reynolds has been teaching for twenty-one years--first as a public high school and middle school teacher, and currently as a professor in Endicott College's School of Education. As a dad to four sons, Luke is a passionate believer in the power of imagination, connection, play, and relational experiences to help us learn. He has written a number of books for kids and adults, including Braver Than I Thought, Fantastic Failures, Surviving Middle School, Imagine It Better, and A Call to Creativity, among others. He earned his PhD from Boston College in Curriculum and Instruction. Traveling widely, Luke enjoys speaking to students and teachers, and re-envisioning what educational systems can strive for and how they can do it creatively.

Luke Reynolds

Anna Linnehan (2).png

Autumn is a senior English Secondary Education student at Endicott College. She hails from Reading, Massachusetts, and for the last three and a half years, has been researching the many men and women from Reading and North Reading that served in World War II. Her project, titled “Reading’s Boys” has carried her as far as St. Louis, MO to the National Archives Personnel Records Center to do hands-on archival research, and has also allowed her to connect and build relationships with individuals from all over the globe. These relationships have helped Autumn learn about the ways in which understanding the stories of people from the past can actually bring together people today who may share very little in common with each other. By doing so, Autumn makes the “past” stay in the “present”, for all to benefit.

Autumn Hendrickson

Marc Lerebours.png

Marc Lerebours

Marc (‘17 & ‘18) has always had an entrepreneurial spirit which only gained momentum as a student at Endicott College. Since graduating, Marc has carved an innovative outlook on ways to live a balanced life. While having a full-time career in sales and revenue operations in the SaaS (software-as-a-service) industry, he also co-founded a sports technology company. That company, In-Form Sports, specializes in sports video filming using cameras driven by artificial intelligence. As one of the first sport-focused companies to use AI, Marc has worked with clients such as Cam Newton and Team USA Handball. With a full-time job and co-owning a startup, Marc feels this parallel-path approach reflects his belief in the power of combining a successful corporate career with entrepreneurial pursuits, creating a life rich in diversity and fulfillment. Marc was a student athlete as a standout member of the Endicott Men’s Rugby team. Marc holds a B.S. in Sports Management ‘17 and a Master’s of Business Administration ‘18, both from Endicott College. He lives with his family in Florida.

Christen Russell.png

Dr. Russell is a behavioral scientist, transformational coach, and adjunct faculty. She is a lifelong learner and leader in radically nurturing human dignity and development. As a transformational co-facilitator and founder of The Alchemists’ Gardens, Christen cultivates space and creates access for aligned and wholehearted action. As Adjunct Faculty at Endicott College, she teaches courses in Ethical and Professional Issues in Behavior Analysis. As a nationally-known expert, Christen is sought out by individual and business clients for her unique approach in applying and disseminating compassionate, equitable and ethical behavioral science.

Christen Russell

Lexi Godlewski_edited.png

Endicott College alumni (’16) turned entrepreneur, Lexi Godlewski, is a transformational coach, marketing strategist, business consultant, and soulful thought-leader. Her globally-ranked podcast, “Building My Empire” has hosted numerous guests (and several celebrities) talking about their journeys of professional and personal transformation. Lexi helps entrepreneurs create lives and businesses they love with soul + strategy, something she calls being a “soultrepreneur”. Her adventurous spirit and quest to live life to its fullest has fueled her drive to build a business from scratch, learn from top business leaders around the world, and transform her own life by moving across the country from New York to Hawaii. Lexi earned her B.S. in Business Administation in 2016.

Lexi Godlewski

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